all media are extensions of some human faculty - psychic or physical.
- Marshall McLuhan

Rise Comrades!

judging from the recent strikes in paris it looks as though Marx and Engles may be correct. The Unions are showing their strength. The Proletariat are acting. Perhaps Marxism will take its place as the final evolution of government.

There is strength in numbers.

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1:00 AM on the corner of maple and page.

i was left for two guidos
some gawdy gotti copies in their mother’s bmw

it’s trouble when you put too much trust in people

alone on the curb
walking the pavement, thinking and cursing

i find my keys don’t fit the same way
and my clothes don’t lay the way they used to

yes, i’m used to rejection; i’m no stranger

but as my fingers slid across the seat cover
and steering wheel

i find myself in the rearview mirror
looking back & moving forward.

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passion pit. these guys are fuckin fab. Mike Angelakos, who i’ve not had the pleasure of meeting, fronts this band made up of former class-mates of mine at Berklee College of music - Ayad Al Adhamy, Ian Hultquist, Adam Lavinsky, and Thom Plasse. Great people, great music, go listen.

Ben Gibbard pays a visit - Jenny Lewis

got the new jenny lewis cd and man can that girl sing. if her voice was knittable i’d have my grandma use it to make me a blanket. fuck. she sounds like if loretta lynn gang banged the band and kris kristofferson jerked off to it. here’s a bit.